Clenbuterol for men and women

Clenbuterol for men and women

Clenbuterol was made to eliminate cough, treat bronchial asthma! It was pointed out that taking the drug affects the intensity of weight loss, and it is about increasing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, thanks to which adipose tissue breaks down faster! Clenbuterol for weight loss is used more often today than for treatment.

Mechanism of action of clenbuterol in weight loss

It’s a drug, not an anabolic! But due to the positive effect on weight loss, the drug began to be successful in losing weight. The mechanism of its operation is simple and transparent:

  1. Penetrating into muscles and adipose tissue, the substance comes into contact with beta receptors, thanks to which many reactions are activated at the biochemical level, which promotes the increase of cAMP synthesis. This activates the enzymes that mobilize fatty acids from the fatty layers.
  2. The drug also affects adrenergic receptors, adrenaline (fear) and norepinephrine (anger) begin to be produced. Hormones effectively burn fat.
  3. Clenbuterol increases the activity of the thyroid gland and its secretion is a natural fat burner.
  4. The drug blocks the work of lipoprotein lipase, which makes the accumulation of new fat almost impossible!

Positive Effects:

Positive Effects
  • loss of appetite
  • slight muscle growth
  • clenbuterol for drying is very effective because it actively “destroys” adipose tissue
  • your training improves and you feel a surge of strength as your endurance increases

Together, all prescribed mechanisms increase the speed of the main metabolic processes by up to 30%.

How to take syrup and slimming pills

This “magic elixir” that helps to lose weight should be bought in tablet form. Clenbuterol syrup (0.001mg/1ml) is not suitable for weight loss due to high sugar concentration, it interferes with the production of large amounts of insulin and weight loss stops. Accordingly, let’s look at the guide on how to take Clenbutrol tablets correctly.

There are many recommendations and tips on the Internet for observing the reception of the described remedy, but I want to note that there are both safe and very dangerous methods!

Home device for men

Home device for men

The solo option is the most popular among all other analogues, since it allows you to complete the course without taking long pills. Instructions for use are simple. Consider the method of taking the average amount of drug taken – 120 mcg:

  1. The tablets should be taken for two weeks
  2. The first 5 days increase the amount of money evenly. Start with the minimum dose of 20 micrograms (the minimum dose is the dose from which you slowly increase the amount of medicine you take), reach the maximum (working) dose of 120 micrograms on day 6 (6th day). tablets). This means that you need to take more than 20 mcg every day
  3. They withstand a working dose of up to 12 days (the one in which fats are actively burned) – 120 mcg
  4. Reduce the amount of medication evenly to 0 in the last two days. This means taking 13 – 80 mcg on day, 40 mcg on day 14
  5. Do not take any more tablets on day 15

The standard working dose for men is 120 micrograms. But there are people who will not feel comfortable with such an amount of drugs, so less funds are needed – 100 mcg. If 120 mcg is not enough (with no effect), you can increase the amount to 160.

Dosage for women

Dosage for women

It is recommended to start taking clenbuterol for weight loss for girls at the end of the cycle in order to fully complete the course before the next menstrual period. The dose, which averages 80 micrograms, can be reduced to 60 or increased to 100. The recommended values ​​should not be exceeded.

Women should take the drug according to the described scheme, only with the mcg norm: 5 days, increasing the dose from the minimum, maintaining the maximum amount for 7 days, reducing to 0 for 2 days The scheme looks like this (if you take it maximum 60mcg):

  1. On the first day – half a tablet of 0.02 mg. That means you only need to take 10 micrograms. This is the minimum dose at which the body will start burning fat smoothly
  2. From the second to the sixth day, the dose (daily) is increased by 10 µg (by adding half a tablet)
  3. On the sixth day of the course you will reach your maximum dose, also called the working dose – 60 mcg You have to wait up to 12 days. This means taking 60 mcg daily (equivalent to three 20 mcg tablets) from day 6 to day 12
  4. On day 12, you only need to take 40 mcg (two tablets)
  5. Day 14 – 20 mcg (one tablet)
  6. The course is over!